White Sugar

Our company has made enormous breakthrough by supplying White Sugar
that is known for its unique attributes. The White Sugar, offered by us, is
processed using ultra modern technology under the vigilance of deft professionals at our Thai commodity exporters end. Our White Sugar is stored under
hygienic conditions in order to protect it from dust particles and other
foreign substances. Our White Sugar is well-tested and therefore,
is the perfect option on which buyers can easily rely

Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is crystalline sucrose combined with a small amount of
molasses,which is responsible for its characteristic brown color and
rich flavor. Depending on the variety of brown sugar, molasses is
either added back to refined white sugar or left intact with the sugar
crystals during the refining process.

Brown sugar is prized for its deep, rich flavor and color. Because
molasses is hydroscopic, brown sugar and the baked goods made
with it retain moisture well. Brown sugar also contains a slightly
higher mineral content than regular refined white sugar due
to the presence of molasses.

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