Yellow Corn is a variety of sweet corn. Its ears are wrapped in tightly
bound lime hued husks with silks and a tassel that extend out from the tip.
The yellow kernels are packed in tight almost uniform rows. A single ear of
corn can contain up to 400 kernels. Freshly harvested yellow corn at its peak
ripeness is sweet, offering flavors of almond and sugar, the kernels so
succulent, the skin pops as you bite into it. As the corn matures, the kernels
lose their milky consistency giving way to a starchy and doughy consistency.
At this point, the corn is considered a grain crop and is best suited for
processing or feedstock.

Yellow corn is a significant resource of Vitamin A. As corn kernels mutated f
rom white to yellow, they acquired chemicals called cartenoids. Of these
cartenoids is beta carotene, which produces Vitamin A. Very little attention has
been emphasized on yellow corn’s significant beta carotene levels until the
early 21st Century.

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