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Thai Rice and Food Co., Ltd. (TRF) is one of the largest privately owned rice commodity exporters in Thailand. TRF is engaged in the manufacturing, supplying, exporting, wholesale and distribution of rice that is of the finest grade and comes with impeccable nutritional value.

TRF also trade in wheat, Soybean meal, Corn, barley, pulse, tapioca, maize and sugar products. Conducting business from last 35 years. The group have shares in chemical, fiber plants and agro industries in Thailand and India.

As the world demand for agriculture products continues its dramatic growth Thai Rice and Food Co., Ltd. has embarked on a modernization program throughout its grain warehousing and handling facilities. The latest technologies in processing and handling give Thai Rice and Food Co., Ltd. a significant advantage in today’s marketplace.

“Awarded leading exporter of rice in 2012 by The Prime Minister of Thailand.”


Our vision is to be the most preferred and trusted name worldwide in the rice and agro commodities trade by serving the globe with the core belief of Commitment, Trust and Quality. Customer trust and satisfaction is the core of our endeavours. We strive to build strong relationships with our clients by offering best quality product at the most competitive Pricing and Partnership with all.



Thai rice and food is synonymous with authenticity, quality assurance and excellence in processes. We continuously strive towards fulfilling customer requirements by basing every process around our core DNAs’ and the value ethos that every member of our company is so proud of.

Saying what we mean and inspiring trust, ethically honest and matching our words with actions.

Fulfilling our mission of building a stronger, better and durable company for future generations, and meeting our commitments to our stakeholders.

Enabling our customers to become high-performing businesses in themselves by being responsive to their needs and consistently delivering value.


  • Conducting business from last 35 years with Highest Integrity Reliability and Trust
  • Large Partner Mills
  • Modern Loading facility
  • Awarded leading exporter of rice in 2012 by The Prime Minister of Thailand


Reliability. Our commitment to deliver on what we promise aligned with our customers’ high expectations.

Higher product quality. We provide a full range of rice qualities with privileged access to very high quality rice.


Our top quality products and timely delivery make it possible for us to work with clients across the world. We export worldwide and are looking for a larger presence in the global market.

Thai Rice and Food Global Exports
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